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The Hearth Room

Weekend Rate

Weekday Rate

Max Capacity 

Ideal for

$2,000 / day

$1,600 / day


Receptions, corporate parties, rehearsal dinners, fundraisers

Come into the Hearth Room and sit a while - you won't want to leave.  Daytime events will be washed in a bright and airy natural light, slowly fading to a warm ambient glow for evening gatherings. An oversized fireplace invites guests to relax and stay cozy, while an elegant corner platform serves as a perfect medium for the focal point of your event.

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Whether you're looking for warm and romantic, casual and cheery, formal and corporate, or bright and natural, an underlying aesthetic of elegance will enhance and complement any design or decoration. 

The Hearth Room is a completely blank canvas, waiting for you to create something unique. 

Ready for Gatherings

The Hearth Room was specifically designed with one thing in mind - hosting spectacular gatherings. 120 guests can fit comfortably in banquet-style seating, with ample space for food service. 

The only real problem you'll have is deciding which of your guests gets to sit next to the fire (We recommend taking bribes for these tables) 

Flexible Stage Space 

Want to have a jazz trio in the corner? We've got a grand piano ready for you. Need to make announcements to the room? Your microphone will be waiting. Want to display your wedding cake for all to see? We'll get the spotlights. 

No matter what you want to communicate to your guests, the stage in the Hearth Room will make sure your message is heard loud and clear. 

Full-Service Catering Kitchen

Whether you're hiring a professional caterer or providing food yourself, this kitchen will make food prep a dream.

  • 5-burner electric cooktop with oven 

  • Full size convection oven

  • 44 cubic feet of commercial refrigeration 

  • 20 cubic feet of commercial freezer space

  • Large capacity commercial ice maker 

  • 3 pot fast-brew coffee maker/warmer

  • Warming/proofing combo tower 

  • 3-bay stainless steel sink with high pressure sprayer 

  • Three standard microwaves 

  • 24 feet of stainless steel prep space


Please note - Kitchen is shared between both the Hearth Room and Great Room. If you are only renting the Hearth Room, you may be sharing kitchen access if the Great Room is rented on the same day.

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