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Most venues keep their rates pretty close to the chest - typically because they want to upsell you and try to get you to rent all kinds of extra things like tables and chairs and lights. 

We don't play that game. 

We have a published, public rate for all of our facilities, and keep nothing secret.


We have a LOT of event essentials (eating tables, serving tables, chairs, accent lighting, catering equipment, crowd control infrastructure, signage, and much, much more) that you will get to use with a rental here. If we've got it in the building, you can use it for your event. No extra fees, no upcharges, no funny business. 

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Included with rental



All the chairs you need are included with your rental at Herschel Hall, and can be set up any way you wish.



 Round ones, rectangle ones, curvy ones, tall ones, short ones... You'll get them all. Plus we've got your tablecloths covered too (Black or white)


Catering Materials

Drink dispensers, serving spoons, food markers, warming dishes, and anything else you need to make food service a dream are all included.


Environmental Accents

Uplights, lamps, greenery, and a variety of things to enhance your event are at your disposal. The only real limit here is your imagination

Interested in Booking?

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