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Herschel Hall's
Magical Christmas
December 14th

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Here's all the details you could ever want. 

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What is the entertainment going to be?

Well, we aren't going to tell you. We promise several things, though - it will be fantastic, it will be family friendly, and it will be something you want to come to every year.

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What time should I arrive?

You are welcome to arrive at 6:00PM. There will be plenty of time to get settled, listen to some music, and enjoy some appetizers before the evening kicks off.

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What is the food going to be?

DELICIOUS. We promise you won't leave hungry, either. 

(If you have dietary restrictions, please let us know and we will accomodate.)

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Those tickets sure are expensive....

In return for your hard-earned money, we promise you will receive a top-tier evening full of so much food, music, and entertainment, you'll leave thinking "That was a heck of a deal."

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What should I wear?

"Cocktail" attire is requested - Basically, just dress your nicest. It'll be fun. 

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What's the difference between Standard, Preferred, and Premier tickets?

All tickets get access to the same basic things - the Holiday Happy Hour, dinner, the show, and the after party. The pricing difference is indicative of where your seats are located during the show. The closer you are to the performers, the better the experience.

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